Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you drive?

A: We do have babysitters that are able to drive. If this is desired, please request it when scheduling.

Q: How late do you babysit?

A: The lastest we babysit is midnight.

Q: How many kids will you babysit at a time?

A: Each babysitter usually watches 2-3 kids, however more than one babysitter can come for larger groups.

Q: How much past experience do you have?

A: KnS has been providing babysitting services since 2018.

Q: Do you have red cross certification?

A: Yes! All KnS Babysitters have Red Cross certification and can administer Epi-Pens.

Q: Can you cook?

A: All of the KnS Babysitters can cook and will be able to make most anything provided.